Persistence is Key: A Proposal Story

Persistence is Key: A Proposal Story

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Persistence is key in a lot of things and love is no exception. Read the lovely story of Lucy and Devin and how it payed off to never give up on love, since it can often end up in a succesful proposal.

How we met

We met as neighbors in the same college apartment complex. One of my friends knew Devin’s group, and introduced me to them and we ended up becoming fast friends. Devin wasn’t around much at the time, but his buddies were always telling me that I needed to meet him. When I finally did, I actually ended up friend zoning him. He slowly got out of the friend zone and we dated for a short while, but we broke it off and became friends again. Later on, as our relationship as friends progressed, we ended up becoming closer than we ever were before and realized that we love each other too much to let each other go. 



The proposal story

The proposal went great! It was very simple. We both had decided long before that we were going to get married, so it was no surprise to either of us. The part that might have been a surprise to the rest of the world, though, was that I was the one who proposed to Devin! I took him to a nice little waterfall in the evening as it got dark, and we went for a little walk. Then, right in the middle of the way with no other person in sight, I knelt down and popped out his ring. He said “hell yes.” What a goon. This all happened before my ring arrived, but when it did, he ended up proposing to me too! He took me to a quiet little park next to a duck pond, and he looked so nervous. It was adorable. Obviously, I said yes, since I had already asked him the same question earlier.

At the wedding ceremony, he gave me the matching wedding band and I gave him a second wedding band that he could swap between with the other one. 


Congratulations to Lucy and Devin. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!



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