Raw and Unique Diamond Collection

If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind ring and you love nature untouched, our collection of raw and unique rings is for you! Get ready to treat your eyes to some truly breathtaking raw diamond rings, unique gemstone engagement rings, and other treasures.

Raw stones are ideal for rings, where they can be shown off to their fullest extent. When it comes to the different types of raw stone rings, raw diamond rings are particularly popular due to their elegant simplicitya. However, you can custom order many different gemstones in a raw form. Get in touch with us to talk about your vision!

What Does “Raw” Mean?

Raw gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones, like diamonds or amethysts, that have not been cut and polished into smooth and shiny stones the way we’re familiar with. The reason for cutting and polishing a gem is that this produces wonderful qualities of light and sparkle. At Capucinne, we love cutting raw stones into all kinds of shapes, and we can even create custom cuts for your ring, but sometimes we think the raw gemstones look incredibly beautiful on their own. There is just something dignified and mysterious about a raw diamond ring.

A related advantage of raw stones is that you’re seeing them in their natural form. Going with a raw stone ring is a great way of connecting to the Earth through your jewelry. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, raw stones also give off wonderfully unique gemstone engagement ring vibes.

We also make slice gemstones, particularly diamonds. This kind of cut is literally just a slice of the raw gemstone, and thus is a mixture of both raw and polished. Slice gems are filled with inclusions, or imperfections, that make spectacular visual points of interest.

Who Should Choose a Raw Gemstone?

Raw gemstones represent potential. The idea here is that somewhere inside a raw stone is a beautifully polished gem. By wearing something like a raw diamond ring, you are symbolically declaring that you will continue to grow as a person, working toward your ideals.

Raw gems also represent qualities like honesty, humbleness, mysteriousness, the search for truth, and the spirit of discovery. Raw stone rings are a very down-to-Earth choice!

Discover Other Types of Unique Rings

Many of our customers love choosing unique gemstone engagement rings as a way of standing out and making a statement, or as a symbol for the rarity of true love. If you’re here for something unique but aren’t sold on a raw stone, we also make different kinds of rings featuring:

  • Unusual stones, such as meteorites
  • Unusual colors, such as yellow or black diamond
  • Unusual gemstone cuts, such as the aforementioned slice cut
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